Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program allows us to form strategic alliances with attorneys, CPAs and other professionals and institutions. As a professional you are constantly seeking ways to help grow your business, add value to your current client relationships, and generate additional revenue. Your clients are looking for ways to simplify their lives, including establishing effective approaches and strategies to work towards their investment goals. As your clients’ most trusted advisor, there is no individual more appropriately suited to assist with this critical need.

Referral Success

We value and appreciate your trust in us.

We have found some of the following circumstances that could initiate a
conversation about our services and strategies offered.

● Someone new in the area

● Someone with a new job or retiring from one

● Large balances in checking/savings/money market accounts ($50k+)

● Annual Review

● New Client Life Event – Inheritance/New Home/New Job

Conversations That Matter

You play an important part in introducing us to clients of your firm.

What you say and how you say it to the client can make a difference.
Questions you might ask that could generate a referral:

● Were you aware that we can refer a Financial Advisor that can meet with
you here at our office?

● Would you like a visit with a Financial Advisor to discuss services
and strategies you may be interested in?

● During Discovery, if you find the client has a large cash balance, ask the
client, “Do you have immediate plans for these funds?”

If the answer is:


Were you aware we can refer financial advisors that can meet to discuss
investment strategies (i.e. estate and retirement planning)?

Our Commitment to You

We will track and document our attempts to contact the client

● If we do not receive a response, we will: Reach out and notify you to see if
further action is needed.

● If the contact (in person or by phone) results in a meaningful conversation
and/or subsequent relationship we will notify you and keep open
communication regarding that referral with your office.

Services & Strategies Offered

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Education Planning
Investment Planning
Estate Planning Strategies
Risk Management
Tax Strategies


Qualified Referrals

Must meet these criteria:

1. An introduction is made either
in person or by phone

2. They have a need for our services

3. Share our Core Values

We Care: We Strive to Protect and Do the Right Thing
Family: We Treat Our Clients and Each other Like Family
Integrity: Open, Honest and Transparent
Committed: We Finish What We Start


Best Practices

Ensure that we have a good current contact
number for the referral

Provide us with a good time to contact the referral

Make sure they are expecting our call

Attend an initial first meeting in person

LPL Financial and Wealthcare Management Services do not offer tax/legal advice or services. Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.