CPA Partnership

Our Partnership Program allows us to form strategic alliances with attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals and institutions. As a professional you are constantly seeking ways to help grow your business, add value to your current client relationships, and generate additional revenue. Your clients are looking for ways to simplify their lives, including establishing effective approaches and strategies to work towards their investment goals. As your clients’ most trusted advisor, there is no individual more appropriately suited to assist with this critical need.

By forming a strategic partnership with Wealthcare Management Services, you can take a practical approach towards enhancing the services that you provide to your existing clients, attract new business, and increase revenue. When you ask your clients about their investments, or you recognize their need for professional advice, you can take a more active role in the process.

As a partner in our program you are able to provide your clients with a complete and diverse range of financial services – without the added burden of managing client investments on a full-time basis. This arrangement adds tangible, long-term value to your business by creating an income stream and strengthening your relationship with your clients.

The LPL Financial Professional Advisors Alliance Program represents a menu of programs designed for the LPL Investment Advisor Representative, their professional alliances and the clients they both serve.


Minimizing the Tax Hit

Who likes paying taxes? No one. You can’t avoid taxes, but you can try to minimize them.

With our GDX360® model, we look to minimize the impact of taxes when we manage portfolios. How? We utilize our proprietary household-based trading and rebalancing methodology to trade across a client’s household when rebalancing.

Three key features of our tax-efficient GDX360® model include:


  1. Asset location

Minimizing the tax hit starts with putting the right assets in the right type of account (taxable, tax deferred or tax exempt). For example, we’ll less tax-efficient assets (stocks) in retirement accounts and more tax-efficient assets (bonds) in taxable accounts.


  1. Tax loss harvesting

Tax loss harvesting lowers a client’s overall cost basis. Our tax loss harvesting program does more than just identify investment to sell at a loss. It also seeks to maintain the risk-return profile of the client’s portfolio by replacing investments that were sold with highly correlated investments.


  1. Tax-Sensitive Withdrawals

If clients aren’t careful about how they withdraw money from their accounts, it could have an adverse tax impact. Our GDX360® model recognizes that it’s not just a matter of withdrawing funds, it’s also a decision with potential tax consequences. By identifying the most tax efficient way to withdraw funds, we can help your clients minimize the tax hit.

LPL Financial and Wealthcare Management Services do not offer tax/legal advice or services. Rebalancing a portfolio may cause investors to incur tax liabilities and/or transaction costs and does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.